Friday, January 28, 2011

A Study...

 About a boy

Summer Fields

While my friends were out having a dip in a swimming hole, I used the opportunity to take some photo of the local flora. It was hard to keep them still since there was a strong breeze and it was on a country road where the cars were passing at 100km/hr but I did get a couple that I really liked.

Grass & Weeds

I love it when it rains just a light mist, and I can go out and take photos without getting completely saturated. I've always been fascinated by what's just hiding in my garden - what's there all day everyday, but you might not notice the subtle beauty of it. That's what I love about photography, how you can capture the moment of perfect beauty in something you might not have seen like that before, but from now on you always will.

Waihi Summer Festival - Photography Competition

I recently entered a photography competition in my hometown and received two 1sts and one 2nd. 

Open Category: 1st Place with "Shine"

Digital Category: 1st Place with "Hospital"

People Category:  2nd Place with "Battle"


Stranded Animals

My boyfriend's flatmate was fostering some kittens and I had the opportunity to snap some photos of them while I was over there. One of my friends has been looking after some wild baby rabbits which I also took the time to take a couple of photos of. Animals are so amazing at conveying emotion without even trying - the best kind of models.

Hospitals & Diseases

My conceptual works for my senior art boards (NCEA Level 3 Photography - 3.3 Folio Boards) I modeled after the following artists:
 Ross Ashton 
Berend Strik
 Carlo van de Roer
 Georges Rousse
 Nick Veasey
 Leonardo Da Vinci
Natalie Robertson
 Candida Hofer
 Karl Blossfeldt

These are a selection of my works from my boards, which I received "excellence" for - the top mark possible. My work was based on the ideas of life vs death, the uncertainty of life and the human experience.